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Budgeting and project status is now available

May 19, 2020

Budgeting and project status is now available

Published by:
Torkil Solheim

Do you have an agreement with your client about how much time can be spent on your project? Or do you have a pre-determined money budget? Budgets are now available in Busy, thereby giving you full control over the projects' status and profitability.

Project status

Get a quick insight into how your projects are going. See which projects go over budget, how much is left of the budget, and use the status battery to immediately see how much of the budget is used.

Start using a budget now.

Turn on the functionality by going to Projects → <Project name> → Budget.

Choose whether the budget should be in monetary value or a number of hours. You can additionally choose whether the budget should reset monthly, weekly, or never. Add a start and/or end date so Busy knows when to start expecting the budget. If you don't set an end date, Busy will set it for you when the project is archived.

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