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New calendar integration

April 27, 2020

New calendar integration

Published by:
Even Dalen

Today, we have launched a brand new version of our calendar integration with Office 365 and Google Calendar. It uses an inbox to display your events so you can decide for yourself what will become part of your timesheet. It works like this:

  1. Events from the calendar automatically appear in your inbox.
  2. You make sure Busy has set the right project and tag.
  3. Approve the event, and it will be added to your timeline.

Note: All existing calendar events after Sunday, April 26, have been moved to the new inbox!

How do I get started?

Existing users:
Your calendar integration has automatically been transferred to the new version. Look for the calendar icon on your timeline.

New users:
Connect your calendar under Busy's settings.
Settings → Integrations → Connect account.

How does it work?
When you connect to your calendar, events from today, until one month into the future will be retrieved from your calendar.

Busy guesses project and tag on the event based on the event title and previously categorised events. If you and your colleagues use the inbox more, Busy will keep getting better.

Make any adjustments and approve or decline the event. An approved event will be added to the timeline, where it will continue to sync with the calendar until the event is over, or you manually disconnect it from the calendar.

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