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What's new in April? 🎁

April 30, 2020

What's new in April? 🎁

Published by:
Jonas Klafstad

Here are some of what's new in April. The highlight of this month is a new and improved calendar integration that we think many people will enjoy. In addition to the changes that appear below, many improvements have been made "under the hood".

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New calendar integration

First, connect your Google Calendar or Office 365 account to Busy from Settings β†’ Integrations. Once your account is connected, Busy will sync all your events between today and two weeks in the future. The events will appear in the inbox, which can be found on the timeline. Busy predicts the project and tag on the event based on the event title and previously categorized events. If you and your colleagues use the inbox more, Busy will keep getting better. Press "Approve" to add the event to the timeline, where it will continue to sync updates until the event is over.


Easier invitations

Now you can send out invitations to multiple emails at once, which in turn makes the setup of Busy faster. Choose whether employees should create their account with email and password, use their Google account, or decide the login method on their own. If you require a login with email and password, you can also require the registration to be made with the same email as the invitation was sent to. This makes it easier to make sure everyone uses their job email during registration.


"Overview" is now available to all users

The overview is excellent to see who is available on the team and to log time over extended periods. Now that everyone has access to the overview, more people can easily log vacation, internal hours, or other work over extended periods.

Tip: If your workspace has activated the Timebank, Busy will look at your workday to select when the entry starts and ends so you can easily log hours for the entire day with just one click!


24SevenOffice initial setup

An initial setup for companies that connect Busy to 24SevenOffice is now available. Set up your 24SevenOffice client, connect Busy employees to their respective 24SevenOffice contacts, and start the setup process.


During the initial setup, Busy will automatically connect all employees to the right projects, as well as set the right roles. Tags will be linked to the correct projects, and the hourly rates will be set based on what was used in 24SevenOffice. Finally, projects are automatically set to billable/not billable. The initial setup can be found in the Settings β†’ Integrations β†’ Workspace.

Note: The initial setup will overwrite project settings and should therefore only be run on the initial setup.

Set default hourly rates.

Now you can choose what should be the default hourly rate for your workspace. Useful if your company often uses the same setup for hourly rates on most projects (per user, per project, or per tag). This can be found in Settings β†’ Workspace.


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