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What's new in April? 🌻

April 30, 2021

What's new in April? 🌻

Published by:
Mira Malene Zeiffert

April has flown by, and during this month we have made several changes to make things a little easier for users of Busy and 24SevenOffice πŸ™Œ


The Help Center with its own menu button

The Help Center has now appeared in a separate menu button in the application. The Help Center consists of many useful articles that describe step by step how to use the various functionalities. We are constantly writing new articles when questions arise. Now that the help center is finally just a keystroke away, it's easy for you to get answers to your questions while using Busy.


Key figures in period approval

Now you can see key figures for the whole week when approving periods. Here you can see if the employee has worked too much or too little. This is shown under Capacity. In the picture we see that Ola Nordmann has worked an hour too little. Furthermore, you can approve and lock the week for a good hourly basis.


Invite new users

Firstly, inviting new users has become effortless. To do this, tap Add users. It has become easier to accept the invitation to use Busy as well. Secondly, 24SevenOffice users can now invite external users, such as freelancers, to register their hours.


New features in orders

There are several new opportunities in orders. It is now possible to include timesheets when sending orders to 24SevenOffice. In addition, you can include both hourly costs and project costs in an order. Lastly, you can add a fixed price line and a custom order line.


A lot of exciting things will happen in May, including improvements in the planning function – perfect for the project manager. Stay tuned!

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