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What's new in December? 🎉

January 1, 2021

What's new in December? 🎉

Published by:
Even Dalen

Happy new year 🎉 Here is an update from December, where our focus was releasing a lot of new functionality. Some highlights are; upgraded approval with its own menu option, invoicing available for all users and registration of costs for invoicing. 🤩

New approval for vacation and leave

It is often useful to approve time in the future, especially vacation and sick leave. Therefore we created an approval view specifically for these cases, where you get an overview of previously registered sick leave, vacation days, number of self reported sick days etc.

Click «View vacation and leave» to navigate to the approval page. There you can select a row in the table over tags to approve. The tags displayed in this view will be the ones connected to timebank-types for «Vacation», «Sick leave» or «Other leave».

Note that the approval pages has been moved to its own menu option, which means all types of approval now are more easily available

Marking hours as billed is now available for everyone!

Finally marking hours as billed is available for all users on the client hours- or pro-plan. It is available in the left menu, and is perfect for keeping track of which hours have already been invoiced and not.

If you use our connection with 24SevenOffice, you can also select that the invoice draft should be created directly in 24SevenOffice. We also created this functionality with plans to integrate other invoicing systems as well, so stayed tuned and we might release an integration with your invoicing system. 🙌

Read more about invoicing in our norwegian support article.

Register costs on the go

As part of a project, you often have to invoice the client more than just hours, for instance building materials, travel costs etc. Busy now support tracking costs on projects in both our mobile apps and web app 🙌

With the connection to 24SevenOffice, you can connect the products and track costs on these in Busy. Click «Add a cost» when tracking time in the mobile app to create a new cost.

The costs can then be approved in Busy; and be automatically be transferred to 24SevenOffice.

Learn more in our norwegian article about costs.

Further focus on planning

Last month we presented our capacity overview. There you get full control of the time tracked for each person. New this month is that you can also plan per project! Expand the rows to see who has planned how much time on each project. You can find the planner by switching view top left on the timeline.

We are currently working on tracking time directly in the planner. 🤩

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