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What's new in January and February?

March 8, 2021

What's new in January and February?

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Even Dalen

January was a hectic month - so hectic we had to delay the monthly update a bit 😅 This round, we will launch an overhaul of out payroll functionality with support for 24SevenOffice Payroll, in addition to duplication of hours on the timeline, and direct export of a timesheet from invoicing.

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Connect Busy to your payroll system

One of our main focuses this period has been to create a seamless process of handling the time-basis for your monthly payroll, combined with an effective export of the payroll data to your system.

We now support that you can select which salary types to generate when registering time on different tags. Custom functionality for hourly paid and fixed paid employees and custom salary supplements you can add to the hour entries such as overtime supplement or extra pay for bad working conditions.

You can read more about payroll in our article in the Norwegian help center.

In addition, we have created an automatic setup and export of payroll data to the system 24SevenOffice Payroll. This means employee information such as pay type is automatically specified, and when the time is tracked, you can export the data directly with project and department information to the payroll system.

Duplicate hours on the timeline

A much requested feature in Busy has been to duplicate old hours on the timeline, very useful when you have several similar events following each other. Now you can duplicate old events by pressing «Alt» on windows or «Option» on Mac, and then click and drag the entry you want to duplicate.

Continued work on invoicing

Invoicing is and has been a main focus for this period. We now release functionality for exporting the timesheet directly from the invoice. This means you can easily attach the timesheet when invoicing you customer.

Further more, we have done a lot of improvements under the hood, as well as worked on a lot of functionality that is getting close to finished. Some examples of what's to come:

  1. More advanced budgets and reporting.
  2. Step-by-step on-boarding of 24SevenOffice users.
  3. Time costs and other types of costs available directly in the invoice.
  4. Functionality for being in several different groups (teams) and the same time, as well as subgroups for more granular rights management.

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