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What's new in June? 🎁

July 6, 2020

What's new in June? 🎁

Published by:
Jonas Klafstad

In June, we launched lots of highly requested features such as the new project reporter and export for payroll. In this article, you can read about the most important updates 😊

Project dashboard

The new project dashboard gives you a unique insight into project health. See the development of resource use over time and compare it with previous periods.

The key figures give you information about total time, billable time, and money for the project. With our support for budgets and fixed-price model, you'll get your hourly budget presented in the dashboard and complete control of profitability.

Read more about budgets and fixed-price here β†’



Payroll export

It is now possible to export the logged hours for payroll. The functionality is easily activated in the settings and is part of the Timebank in Busy.

When setting up, you first select one of the available payroll systems. If the payroll system you use is not available, please contact us so we can add it. When selecting a payroll system, salary types will be automatically created to match the payroll system.



Hours will be registered on a continuous basis with the salary type linked to each entry.

When exporting for the first time – enter the employee number that is aligned with what is in the payroll system. Easily select which hours, payouts, and any absences to include in payroll export.

The payroll file is quickly generated and downloaded - ready for import into the payroll system.

Export of timesheet as PDF and Excel

There is now a brand new data-export available in Busy. Choose between Excel or PDF and one of the predefined templates for what columns to include, or build a custom export file. Perfect if you want to send a timesheet to one of your customers, or just need to export some raw data to PowerBI.



Summarise hours in the approval

The approval now sums up hours per day. and compares with the employee's expected working hours – making it easier for managers to identify overtime and see what has been done.



See the latest version of Busy β†’

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