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What's new in March? 🎁

March 31, 2020

What's new in March? 🎁

Published by:
Jonas Klafstad

At Busy we continuously work to make the application better, and every month there are lots of new features. Here are some features released in March.


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New timeline

The timeline is the cornerstone of Busy. You plan your day, manage your time and see what others are up to. The new timeline is built from the ground up, making it faster, more user friendly and compatible with all browsers and operating systems.



If you have activated the timebank, you will get information about the day's capacity, how much time you are to log for a given day, and how many hours are added to your time balance. The light blue color indicates your expected work hours, and in the sidebar, you find information about the number of logged hours.

Select multiple people
You can also now select multiple people at once to quickly switch between different timelines. Perfect if you are a project manager scheduling the week for your team!


Resize your timeline

Hold down shift and drag the mouse as in the image below to resize your timeline!


Create your own holidays

Some companies have vacation all Easter or special holidays around Christmas. Handle this with custom holidays. Go to Timebank -> Holidays to create these. Choose between half-day, a day off, or full-day to override the default holidays set in Busy.


Temporary standard workweek

With the summer closing in, many companies have changes to their workweek for summertime. You can now make changes to the workweek over time by creating a new one. Go to Settings -> Timebank -> Add a new workweek to create a new one. When the optional end-date surpasses, Busy will automatically return to the original workweek.


Lunch reduction

It is now possible to add lunch reduction as a part of the workweek. If you have an 8 hours workday with 30 minutes of unpaid lunch, you can set lunch reduction to 0,5h. Busy will automatically subtract the lunch from your workday and thereby reflect the right capacity in the time balance. The lunch reduction helps you get the proper basis for salary, without having to register lunch.


24SevenOffice synchronises based on deactivated projects

Previously, 24SevenOffice projects had to be set to 'Completed' to archive the project in Busy. This is no longer necessary, and you can choose to deactivate the project in 24SevenOffice instead, and it will be archived in the same way as before. In a transitional phase, both changing the status and deactivating the project will work to archive the project in Busy.

24SevenOffice login now available for Android

Now you can also log in to Android if you use 24SevenOffice as your login method in Busy.

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