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What's new in March? 🐣

April 7, 2021

What's new in March? 🐣

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Even Dalen

Hope you have had a happy easter! 🐣 This month our focus has been to make the connection between Busy and 24SevenOffice as seamless as possible, through a brand new on-boarding for 24SevenOffice clients and the ability to activate Busy in the 24SevenOffice menu. 🙌 At the same time «Teams» has gotten a large overhaul, after a lot of requests! 🥳

Busy in the 24SevenOffice menu

You can now activate Busy in the 24SevenOffice menu. This can be activated from «Settings» → «24SevenOffice», by turning on «Activate Busy in the 24SevenOffice menu». Note that this currently only works for users who registered using their 24SevenOffice account. To activate the menu, the API-user needs access to user-administration in 24SevenOffice.

Now the menu-item «Hours» in 24SevenOffice will send you to Busy. You will also be automatically signed in to the correct account and on the correct client. More functionality such as easier navigation back to 24SevenOffice will be available soon!

Teams → Groups

We have made a large change on access management in Busy, at the same time as we changed name from «Teams» to «Groups», and added more functionality to groups. You can now be part of several groups, as well as create sub-groups.

This means you can better model permissions in Busy by the structure of your organization. Groups can also have group leaders, that give permissions over everyone in the group and possible sub-groups. These permissions are the same as department leaders previously had. Read more about access management in the help center, or in our article about how to model groups by your organization.

If you have used «Teams» previously, all permissions are equal to previously set permissions. Users who were department leaders are now group leaders for their group, and their permission level has been set to an employee who can create projects. This is equivalent to your previous setup.

Easy-to-use demo environment for testing

You can now use our demo-environment to test Busy in your own workspace complete with a best-practice setup. Try out new functionality, find consequences of changes in the setup and more. Go to https://demo.busy.no/demo or go to the bottom of the page from busy.no and click the «1-Click Demo»-button to get started.

New and improved break deduction

After a lot of feedback, we have now simplified lunch break as part of your workweek in Busy, and made break deduction better to use.

If you add lunch to your workweek, you no longer have to track lunch, but can still have correct start- and end-time for your workday. By activating break deduction as well, you will track the break, but it will be automatically subtracted from the first entry tracked the given day. Perfect for users who only want to track time on work, which can now be done by creating a single entry each day.

New stepwise on-boarding of 24SevenOffice clients

A stepwise improved on-boarding is now available when getting started with Busy and 24SevenOffice. This makes it easy to set up Busy for new clients. Connect your API-user, select workflow and invite the employees, all in a simple and informative guide.

You will get to the on-boarding when registering a new account with 24SevenOffice, or pressing «Get started» from «Settings» → «24SevenOffice»

A lot of new features were released this month, and much is still in progress. Our focus in the time forward is invoicing a the connection between Busy and 24SevenOffice. For instance, we are going to make it very easy for existing 24SevenOffice-partners to activate Busy as the new time module.

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