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What's new in September? 🎁

September 29, 2020

What's new in September? 🎁

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Even Dalen

This month we have released lots of new functionality, and here are some of the most important updates! 🤩

You can now create a new invoice draft in 24SevenOffice directly from Busy in less than 15 seconds! We've also created a new display option when logging time on the timeline, called «Timesheet», perfect if you're looking for a more detailed view of your workweek 🔎

In addition, we released a new Norwegian knowledge base, functionality for editing multiple users simultaneously, and specifying if employees can see other people's timeline.

Create a draft invoice directly into 24SevenOffice

It's important to get insights into which time entries are invoiced and not. At the same time, you need a simple solution for invoicing the time entries, without extra work for the accountant. This is now solved alternatively to the existing hour transfer, with new functionality for creating draft invoices directly from Busy into 24SevenOffice.

Find the project to invoice, select the time entries that should be included, and click «Create in 24SevenOffice». Below is a video showing how you can invoice the time entries on a project in only 15 seconds.

Timesheet: A new display option i Busy

In addition to our existing calendar and overview display options, we have now released the timesheet display option. The timesheet is perfect if you often track 15 and 30 minute intervals, and don't want to think about the time of the day these entries were tracked. Get an overview over all the time entries tracked in a given week, and see detailed information in the time entry table.

You can select the timesheet by changing display option in the top left corner of the timeline, to the right of the «New hour entry» button.

Norwegian knowledge base with new articles

We finally released a Norwegian knowledge base (English version is in the works). Here, you can find many articles on managing user permissions, setup of Busy with 24SevenOffice and much more. The knowledge base is available through the link: https://support.busy.no, in the chat inside Busy, or within «Knowledge base» when clicking your avatar in the bottom left corner in Busy.

Get even more insights from the reports

You can now sort all the columns in the reports. Check who has the most billable time, or who has generated the largest amount of money during the period.

Expanding another layer in the reports is also available, so you can view all the time entries that are included in the aggregated numbers. Perfect if something looks wrong, and you need to find which time entries that need to be corrected. We will also soon release functionality to change the time entry directly in the reports, by clicking the time entry row in the table.

You can now also filter out all approved or unapproved time entries in the reports — useful if you need to see how many time entries that are pending approval.

Better administration for the managers

The user table now has functionality for editing multiple users at the same time. Select the users you want to edit, then press «Edit users». Choose which properties you want to set for all the selected users. Similar functionality will also be added to the projects page soon!

If you just added a new user in Busy, you can now add the user to all the relevant projects from the person's page. The same goes for tags, where you can add or remove tags from many projects directly on the tag's page.

Should everyone see each other's timeline?

Often, you don't want all the employees to see each other's timesheets; especially for internal projects, where you track sick leave and more. Now, you can restrict this information by choosing whether a user can see other user's timeline. This also includes the overview and other places where you can see each other's time entries.

This option is set on the user page, and you can set a default settings for all new users in the workspace on the workspace settings page.

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