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Project- and time management

With Busy, you can log and schedule time for projects and employees in one and the same action.

When the time is scheduled in advance, you only need to correct the discrepancies.

Hourly budgets and reports

See quickly how the time is spent, which projects go over budget and how much is left of the budget.

The budget can be based on a set amount of time or money – with the option to reset on a weekly or monthly basis.

Time bank

Forget the hassle with Excel-spreadsheets. With Busy, flextime and overtime is calculated automatically.

Busy takes into account holidays, employees' working hours, and the company's internal routines.

Integrated with 24SevenOffice

An efficient invoicing process is important for a company with billable hours. Busy therefore has a direct integration with the ERP-system 24SevenOffice.

“We’ve been using Busy for over a year now, and we’re very satisfied with the overview we receive regarding hourly budgets for each project. As an agency, we can both traffic and register time in the same system, which is just super. Highly recommended!”
- Camilla Hovind, JCP Nordic

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