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Using the Reports

Using the Reports


May 3, 2019

There are four aspects of using the reports we will cover here:

  • Reading the key figures
  • Using the filters
  • Display settings
  • Exporting data


Reading the key figures

In the upper left corner, we can find our key figures. The key-figure to the left shows the total amount of hours logged, and the key-figure to the right shows the total amount of billable hours.

Key figures for total hours and billable hours.


Using the filters

These key figures are calculated based on the filters you have set in the reports, found in the top right corner. By default, we include all data for the current month, but you can change this through the filters. We can filter our data by pressing one of the filters and then selecting what we want to include. You can filter based on people, projects and tags.

Filtering projects.

After we have selected what to include in the reports we can choose a time interval by pressing the date picker. Here, we can choose custom dates, or one of the presets presented to us (Last 7 days, etc.).

Filtering with the date picker.


Display settings

Now, we have our data shown in the table, based on the filters we have set. Here, we can choose how our data should be displayed using the display setting. The «Group by» sets the top layer and the «Subgroup by» sets the sublayer.

Changing display settings.

Sublayer can be shown by hovering and pressing one of the rows in the table.

Expanding a row.


Exporting data

Sometimes you will need to export your data for use outside Busy. You can do this by using the export button, exporting all entries, based on the filters you have set.

Exporting the table.

For now, we support export to Excel, showing entries ordered chronologically. We are working on other export formats, including PDF.

Excel export.

Using Busy

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