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Google Calendar Integration

Google Calendar Integration


May 2, 2019

Our integration with Google Calendar will allow you to automatically sync events from your calendar to Busy. If you are smart about how you name your calendar events, Busy will try to automatically assign a project and tag to the entry, logging the hours for you.

The Google Calendar sync will look at the content in your calendar event title when trying to match Busy projects and tags.

If you have a meeting with a client in your calendar where the title is «Workshop with Client Ltd. regarding new visual identity» Busy will analyse that title and try to match it with a project and tag that already exists in your workspace.

If you in Busy have a project with your client's name «Client Ltd.» and a tag named «Workshop», Busy should automatically match this for you.

Be aware that for this to work you will have to be structured in your calendar. We do not recommend connecting your calendar to Busy if your calendar is a mess.

There are four aspects of using the integration we will cover here:

  • Connecting your Google Calendar
  • Synchronizing your Google Calendar with Busy
  • Disconnecting your Google Calendar


Connecting your Google Calendar

Connect your Google account to Busy on the Integrations page, located in settings. Here, press the «Connect your Google Account» button. From there, Google will guide you through the connection.

Connecting your Google account.

After completing connection, Google redirects you back to the integrations page, where you will see the email for the connected Google account displayed.

Connection successful.


Synchronizing your Google Calendar with Busy

Now, Busy syncronizes all future calendar events to your timeline. Events from your calendar will have a calendar icon on them and information about where the entry comes from by opening it. All entries connected to a future calendar event synchronizes according to the changes you make in your calendar. One day after the event has passed, the entry in Busy will detach from the calendar event, and future changes to the entry must be done directly in Busy.

Entry connected to a Google Calendar event displayed on the timeline.


Disconnecting your Google Calendar

To disconnect your calendar from Busy, navigate to the Integrations page in settings, and press disconnect. In the dialog, you will have the option to delete all future calendar events already synced with Busy by pressing disconnect and delete. If you wish to keep your upcoming synchronized events, you can press disconnect.

Disconnecting your Google account.


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